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GIN EVA LOGOSpotlight on GIN EVA Mallorca

Established by Stefan and Eva Winterling in 2012, GIN EVA Mallorca is a new company situated on the outskirts of the town of Llucmajor on the Eastern side of the island.

Stefan’s family have their roots in wine making and distillation. He says: “GIN EVA Mallorca is a handcrafted artisanal Dry Gin made here on the island of Mallorca. Our product is proudly Mallorcan and proudly Mediterranean. Its unique flavour and aroma comes from, classic gin-botanicals like coriander and angelica, locally grown citric fruits and wild juniper berries from the dunes of Es Trenc and, thanks to them; the flavour of our island of Mallorca comes through in every sip”.

Gin Eva

GIN EVA Mallorca features on the list of artisan and superior quality products made in Mallorca is made as a London Dry Gin. They call it Mallorca Dry Gin because they use Mallorcan products to make it. They use the entire citrus fruits; skin and pulp, as the fruit juice contains volatile components which contribute flavour and aroma. This is another factor which differentiates GIN EVA from other Mallorcan gins as these tend to be made using just the fruits skin, sometimes fresh and even sometimes dried.

Their production is small batch and exclusive, producing just 70 bottles at each distillation. Furthermore, as they use fresh products, every batch is slightly different and this adds excitement and an element of curiosity to the product.

Special Edition: In January 2017 they distilled a small batch of fresh bergamot oranges from Valencia and blended it with a distillate of Macedonian juniper. 931 bottles have been bottled. Order now and you will receive your order shortly after the 1st of October 2017.

Gin Eva Bottles

GIN EVA Mallorca is becoming a Mallorcan treasure to savour due to the love and affection that Stefan and Eva put into the production, as is evident in the end result. Their product is now available at the some of the best bars and hotels on the island.

In need of ginspiration? Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, with a splash of tonic for a perfect G&T or as part of a great martini, remember, gin isn’t just for summer, you can drink it all the year round!!!

For more information and to place your orders, please visit Gin Eva Mallorca.

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