Mallorca to Everywhere?


Something for the weekend! Fancy a break somewhere in 2017? Let’s get away!

Europe is full of beautiful places and with such short flights to many European cities from Mallorca, why not go and explore a new destination this year?

Weekend flights from Friday to Sunday are extremely easy to find, but remember to try and book them as far in advance as possible for cheaper rates.

Skyscanner offers the opportunity to search availability by calendar month, rather than specific dates, making the search for a bargain much, much easier.

All you have to do is click ‘DEPART’ then ‘WHOLE MONTH.’ You can search for the whole world! there is no need to enter a destination. Just type in ‘PMI’ in the FROM box, then add ‘EVERYWHERE’ in the ‘TO’ box – Amazing prices are just a click away!

With special thanks to Hannah Denton whose original blog post “Weekend Escape”on her great new blog Travel through life inspired this article.

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