Cabrera off Mallorca in Top 10 Superyacht Destinations


The Cabrera Archipelago lying off the south east coast of Mallorca is listed in the Top 10 Secret Luxury Superyacht Destinations.

Eat Love Savor the International luxury lifestyle magazine recently featured the Top 10 Secret Luxury Superyacht Destinations for Summer.

Charter guests have become much more discerning according to luxury yacht charter agency Y.CO, and many luxury yacht charters are setting course to more experimental destinations, sailing where few tourists have ever been before.


The archipelago of Cabrera is a group of nineteen islands lying seventeen kilometers south of Cap Salines, Mallorca. Cabrera (Goat Island) island itself is the fifth biggest Balearic island after Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

“Even locals struggle to get to the Balearic Island’s best boating spot, the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime Park. Off-limits until 1988 as a military base, privacy is assured, as its 19 islands are accessible only to those with their own boat. The towering cliffs harbour herons and shearwater, while whales and dolphins bask in the 100km2 of protected seas. Mere mortals are limited to a day trip. After lunch, superyacht guests have the archipelago to themselves.” – writes Eat Sleep Savor.

The Top 10 Secret Luxury Superyacht Destinations for Summer listed by Eat Love Savor are spread around the globe:

1- Kastelorizo, Greece
2- Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden
3- Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey
4- Aland Archipelago, Finland
5- Calauit Island, Philippines
6- Cabrera Islands, Spain
7- Tinos, Greece
8- Rovinj Islands, Croatia
9- Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
10- Gulf Islands, Canada

For more information about chartering and some great photography, head over to Y.CO

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