Mallorca Restaurant makes new list of World’s Best

Bou Restaurant in Mallorca makes new list of World’s Best

Two extremely reputable restaurant lists have been morphed into one by,  the magazine by food writers based in United Arab Emirates who share their tastes, inspirations, restaurant reviews and food trends from different cuisines.

Combining Michelin Starred restaurants with the British magazine Restaurant – The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, they have created a new list featuring 17 restaurants around the world that are, as they say, “the very best restaurants of the world”.

One restaurant on the Mediterranean Island of Mallorca is listed as one of the very best. Bou is the gastronomic experience led by Tomeu Caldentey. The group of people who make up the team at “Bou” are professionals trained in catering and tourism centres from different parts of the world. This young, dynamic, creative and talented team works with passion to provide a unique spirit to each of their plates creating a unique sensory journey for a concise group of diners.

Tomeu at Bou said: “Chef Tomeu Caldentey’s imaginative cooking, often around a regional theme and using regionally sourced ingredients in surprising combinations. Only 12 diners are included, and you sit around the live kitchen where you are given small bites to try while watching the Chef prepare the next dish with modern techniques.”

For more information on Bou check out the website of Bou Restaurant.

The full list of 17 restaurants includes 3 from the U.S.A., 2 from Dubai, 2 from the U.K. and one each from Brazil, Denmark, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Peru and Singapore, plus one of course on the Balearic island of Mallorca, Spain.

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