True Colours by Elly Redding

Elly Redding was born in London, moved to Hertfordshire and is now firmly ensconced in Bedfordshire with her husband. Her first novel, ‘True Colours’, won the Festival of Romance’s New Talent Award in 2014.

About ‘True Colours’ Elly says: “Saul was the love of Kate’s life and even though they haven’t seen each other for three years she still isn’t over him. He broke her heart when she found him in his office together with a half naked assistant. When Saul asks Kate to attend his sister’s wedding it’s the first step of a more permanent way back into her life. Kate is a successful interpreter with her own business and Saul needs her skills because of an important client in Majorca. It’s an offer Kate can’t refuse, but is it wise to spend so much time with a man who can deeply hurt her?”

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