Mangueras at Dawn

Mangueras at DawnTMangueras at Dawnhe Mangueras at Dawn blog is written by Miranda J Giles.

Miranda says: “My blog is about our life in a large rural (non-tourist) town in Mallorca as expats and trying to live the dream and be more self-sufficient!”

Here are her latest posts:

J is doing exceptionally well at his new school in the UK.  I moved back to the UK at the end of October.  Saying goodbye to our animals, home, friends and family was impossibly...
Posted: 2015-12-27
(This post was initially written on the 30th July, but I have only just remembered to post it).

Life has dealt a cruel blow to us recently.  On the 28th June 2015, after a very c...
Posted: 2015-09-19
Well, another year, HAPPY 2015 EVERYONE.  
It has been a bit of time since writing.  

This winter has been particularly cold (unlike last year).  We haven't had any snow down on t...
Posted: 2015-02-21

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