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Mallorca Daily PhotoMallorca Photo Blog is written by Klaus Fabricius.

Klaus says: “This one-photo-every-day blog is meant to be about my home, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, as much as it is meant to be about me. I live in Spain, but I am not Spanish. I am German and love living here.”

Here are his latest posts:


The Mallorca Photo Blog

Someone, a while ago, started an extreme, long-distance mountain challenge event,  somewhere in the Alps. A few dozen fanatics participated in that first enduranc...
Author: mallorcaphotoblog
Posted: 2015-04-21
Mallorca is quite a unique island, really. Here, everyone can find what makes him (or her) happy, be it the long beach or the solitary cove, the old town of […]...
Author: mallorcaphotoblog
Posted: 2015-03-31
Allow me, please, to remind you that today, March 21st, we celebrate the World Poetry Day. The marking originates from a decision made by UNESCO in 1999 in Paris ...
Author: mallorcaphotoblog
Posted: 2015-03-21

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