Living in Rural Mallorca

Jan EdwardsLiving in Rural Mallorca is the new blog of Jan Edwards, an Expat writer and ex-broadcaster living in rural paradise. Jan loves writing, reading, cooking, eating,  Mallorcan wines, walking – and has been adopted by 9 cats.

Jan says: ” I live in an old finca in rural Mallorca, where nature’s soundtrack of birds, insects, sheep bells, and braying donkeys plays as I continue my writing. My articles have appeared in abcMallorca lifestyle magazine, The Telegraph (global edition), Living Spain, Food & Wine, and other publications.

Here are her latest posts:

Living in rural Mallorca Country life in an old Mallorcan finca

  • Mallorca takes an autumn battering
    by Jan Edwards on 15th November 2017 at 16:00

    It’s been very windy here in the northeast of Mallorca for a couple of days and, being a north wind, it’s felt pretty cold too. Our finca is particularly exposed, being at one end of a valley, and we brace ourselves for the inevitable […]

  • How we remove condensation from our windows in Mallorca
    by Jan Edwards on 8th November 2017 at 13:53

    The Boss’s eldest son was over for a couple of days at the weekend. The weather continued warm and sunny on Saturday and we took a long walk around Porto Colom harbour (one of Mallorca’s highlights) towards the lighthouse. We […]

  • Cracking the problem of removing a dead almond tree
    by Jan Edwards on 1st November 2017 at 16:00

    When do you give up on an old Mallorcan almond tree? We have a few on our finca and they’re past their prime. In spite of that, they are covered in beautiful blossom in the early weeks of each year and offer a reasonable crop of almonds in the […]

  • Mallorca’s equivalent of the British MOT
    by Jan Edwards on 25th October 2017 at 11:34

    Preparations for winter have begun here at our finca in rural Mallorca. Yes, The Boss was once a Boy Scout – and just as well, as I’d probably leave these things until the first northerly blasts of wind were battering our country home. […]

  • Cycle (or walk?) this way…
    by Jan Edwards on 18th October 2017 at 16:00

    We had to go to town hall yesterday morning for ‘a bit of bureaucracy’ (there’s plenty of it for those of us who live in Spain) and, as we drove out of our gates, we spotted a pick-up truck at the corner of the lane, laden with […]


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