Palma Airport: Beware, be very aware, thieves at work

Aeropuerto Mallorca

Palma Airport theft, a friend recounts a terrible day for her cousin and aunt.

“I had family, my Cousin and elderly Aunt, arrive here at Palma Airport on Monday night on holiday. They were collecting their rental car from the multi storey car park. It was 11.30 p.m. and the car was on an upper floor, where it was very quiet. They were pretty tired and were trying to figure out the light switches of their hire car, before driving to their destination.

They loaded their luggage into the boot and were putting their handbags on the back seat. At this moment a young man approached their car waving his hands and shouting about a ticket. They ignored him and left, finally arriving at their apartment.

There must have been another man hiding behind/under the car, as afterwards their handbags containing everything, passports/purses/phones/driving licences/return flight tickets, were missing. Luckily they still had their luggage in the boot of the car. They did, however, remember that the young man travelled up with them and others in the lift.”

Their whole first day of their short three day holiday, bless them, has been spent in the Police station and British Consulate in Palma.”

So, if you are travelling or have family members coming out to visit, be aware, as the Police say this is happening quite frequently at the moment.

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