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Hello!  My name is Adrian.

I moved to the island of Mallorca just over three years ago from Piemonte in Northern Italy where my wife and I lived for six years.

I created my first blog and website called Italian Reflections when I moved from the U.K. to Italy in 2007 and soon began blogging and writing travel articles for a number of International online publications. That original idea has now morphed into my new ‘Mallorca Reflections‘.


Mallorca Reflections features insights, information and impressions regarding food and wine, hotels and travel as well as life in Mallorca. You can see tips from local bloggers I trust, as well as interesting articles from bloggers and writers worldwide via my Editor’s picks and in the new magazines on Flipboard.

I am currently curating three magazines ‘Reflections‘, ‘Food+Wine‘ and ‘Hotels+Travel‘. These magazines combined with the website also provide curious readers, settlers and travellers with the keys to exploring and understanding this beautiful mediterranean island. New to Flipboard? – Click here

After 10 years of blogging and writing myself, I have become a staunch supporter of other bloggers and writers. I truly believe that we are stronger together than we are apart. I therefore like to give them a platform to showcase their writing skills as well as support and report on other blogs and local businesses that feature subjects promoting and reflecting (pardon the pun!) Mallorca and Spain in a positive way.

Welcome to Mallorca Reflections!

You can contact me at: editor@mallorcareflections.com