9 Great Books That Will Make You Want To Visit Mallorca in 2018

Love reading?

Then take a literary tour with these 9 great books that will make you want to visit Mallorca in 2018

Island in the sea
The Lemon Grove
The Rocks
Chorous of Cockerels
Matching Pair
True Colours
The Vacationers
Thank you for the music
The Hen Partry

Check out the titles and books below:

A Chorus of Cockerels by Anna Nicholas
Island in the sea by Anita Hughes
Matching Pair by Phil Revell
Thank you for the music by Jennifer Young
The Hen Party by Emily Benet
The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh
The Rocks by Peter Nichols
The Vacationers by Emma Straub
True Colours by Elly Redding