4 Michelin Stars, 6 Restaurants & 3 Days in Mallorca

4 Michelin Stars, 6 Restaurants & 3 Days in Mallorca

A social media influencer from San Francisco has recently visited the island of Mallorca and undertaken a three day Gourmet trip visiting 6 restaurants with 4 Michelin Stars as part of her epic foodie adventure: “30 Michelin Stars, 3 Countries, 1 Trip of a Lifetime”.

Jennifer Kirk has been working in social media marketing for over 10 years. Working mostly in food and wine, she has also led many successful initiatives and campaigns for worldwide names in television, music, publishing, and tech. She is a guest blogger for Leadtail on various social media topics and is a moderator for the popular weekly #FoodTravelChat chat on Twitter.

As a social media influencer, she was invited to participate in #NASAsocial in February of 2017, and is also a #SproutAllStar for the social media publishing platform Sprout Social. When not working, she can be found travelling the world to dine at the world’s best restaurants. and starting the podcast Bites & Barcast.

During her time on the island of Mallorca Jennifer ate at Marc Fosh, Tomeu and Adrian Quetglas in Palma, Ca Na Toneta in Caimari, Es Raco de’s Teix in Deia and Restaurante Jardin in Alcudia.

Her visits to these six restaurants with their four Michelin Stars are encapsulated in the following quotes and photographs:

At Marc Fosh: “I firmly believe the environment of a restaurant is dictated by the Chef and how he directs his staff, so I must say “well done” and “thank you” to Chef Fosh for cultivating such a pleasant dining environment.”

Marc Fosh

 At Tomeu: “I can see why Chef Tomeu Caldentey is so revered in Mallorca and look forward to returning to the island and trying his other restaurants.”

At Adrian Quetglas: “Chef Quetglas aims to bring high end cuisine to everyone through his dishes, which is quite clear not only by price point but also by the restaurant’s laid back ambiance.”

Adrian Quetglas

At Ca Na Toneta: “Ca na Toneta is very much a family affair, which only makes it more charming. I also want to note how powerful it is to see such a restaurant being run by women. The Solivellas sisters are a force in an industry dominated by men. I applaud and thank them.”

At Es Raco de’s Teix: “The simple but delicious meal ended with moist brioche with olive oil ice cream, accompanied by figs to add a hint of sweetness to the overall savoury finish.”

Es Raco de’s Teix

At Restaurante Jardin: “Upon entering, the very first bite one takes is in the kitchen, after meeting Chef de Castro and getting a view of the kitchen. This intimate experience before the meal cements the fact that the diners are about to be in store for a special night.”

For the full tales of Jennifer’s European foodie adventure head over to her “30 Stars in 30 Days” story on Medium.

With great thanks to Jennifer for her time, photographs and quotes.

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